Franchise UK Unveils New Initiative To Recruit Franchisees Locally


Franchise UK are proud to announce the launch of 40 regional websites. These directory-style websites have been designed to provide free local business advertising promote business and entrepreneurship in localised UK locations. To view all 40 Regional Businesses For Sale directory websites, please click here. Businesses For Sale Bedfordshire Businesses ...

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Seasonal Business Ideas

seasonal business

All Year Round Profit Possible With A Seasonal Business Idea Seasonal businesses can be ideal for entrepreneurs who like variety and can easily tire of the same business type week in and week out. Variety is the spice of life, so they say, use your imagination to consider another viable ...

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Tell me why, you don’t like Mondays?

unhappy at work

Happy at Work? Great if you are, unfortunately many employees can feel dissatisfied in their current role the top five reasons for employees to feel disgruntled include, pay, lack of career advancement, bad management, strained relations with uncooperative colleagues and working long hours especially, if a hefty commute is required. ...

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Grease And Grime A Thing Of The Past With An Oven Cleaning Business

oven cleaning franchise

An Oven Cleaning Business Can Be A High Profit Business Solution Anyone who has ever had to give their kitchen a deep clean will know that cleaning the oven is one of the most difficult and unpleasant jobs in the home. Dirty, awkward and requiring a number of toxic chemicals, ...

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Traditional Values Can Equal Long Term Business Success

uk oldest successful businesses

What is the secret behind UK’s oldest businesses? Considering around 240,000 businesses collapse every year in the UK, getting through the first few years of trading can be tough for any firm. Reaching the decade milestone, is quite an achievement and companies that have been going for 25 years or more ...

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Business Insurance Review

business insurance

What types of business insurance do I need? Keeping a business safe and secure is an on going process. From ensuring that it is financially viable and attracting new customers to protecting it from unpredictable economic conditions and volatile markets, small business owners have to work continuously to prevent their ...

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The rise and rise of Mumpreneurs

mums in business

Whether it’s running after school clubs, organising fundraising events or selling unwanted goods at a car boot sale, mums have always been an entrepreneurial breed. Resourceful, adaptable and ambitious, they are able to turn their hands to a variety of moneymaking schemes and projects. If you’re an ambitious mum yourself ...

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Unusual Business Ideas For Women

unusual business ideas for women

Though more and more women are joining the world of business every year, most are still working in traditionally female dominated sectors. From healthcare and education to beauty and PR, there are certain industries where women have been making their mark for years. As well as being the areas that ...

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Inspired Quotes From Entrepreneurs

inspiration for business

Three inspirational quotes from success businesswomen With the world of business still largely dominated by men, working in a large corporation or founding a successful company can still be a difficult and lonely experience for a woman. However, with more and more female entrepreneurs now making their mark on a ...

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Tips For Choosing An Accountant

tips for choosing an accountant

For small and medium sized businesses, the difference between success and failure can sometime be as little as a few thousand pounds. Getting your expenses, cash flow or invoicing even a little bit out could leave your company struggling and cause significant financial problems down the line. This makes your ...

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