Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss

Discover the benefits of being your own boss

Without a doubt, most of us would rather be the employer than be the employee. There is a different kind of fulfilment in seeing yourself being the boss. How exactly do you make this happen? This can be possible through setting up your own business.

If you would like to know some of the best business ideas UK, keep on reading and you will have insight on some of the options that you may not have previously considered. You do not need much capital, but a great idea and determination to kick start your way into being an entrepreneur. You may not even need to invest in premises initially as you may be able to operate your business from the comfort of your home.

Become a Professional Consultant

If you have a degree or extensive knowledge in the fields of law, marketing, accountancy, finance, and business management, among others, you can offer freelance consultation services. This makes a good option for home based business ideas for people who do not want to be stuck in a office. Most of your clients will be business start-ups who are looking for affordable services. For instance, if you are a graduate of business management, you can offer your services to aspiring entrepreneurs and help them come up with a business plan or feasibility study of the business they intend to start-up.

Special Event Planning

Event planning services are becoming increasingly popular for businesses and private customers, a special event such as a wedding, anniversaries and themed childrens parties are such important events that you want to put into someones capable hands to organise so the service user can relax and enjoy.  This is a great idea for a business and can be fun and enjoyable for a business person that enjoys relationship building with suppliers, is organised and wants to avoid the traditional office hours.  With your commitment and attention to detail you can pull off the most successful event.

Catering Business

If you have an interest or hobby of catering such as cooking or baking, you could also consider starting up a business in catering. Catering businesses can be home-based however you would need to contact you local authority with regard to legislation. You can start a small cupcake, speciality cake or pastry business. You can also start cooking food or making sandwiches to deliver to local offices. With so many people enjoying freshly cooked food your culinary delights will be in demand, and give you a business opportunity in an area you have a passion.

Professional Photographer

Professional photography is hugely popular. Many people who have artistic flair are drawn to photography and often make the best photographers.  A business in photography, will require specialist equipment to shoot the best images.  Many freelance photographers visit corporate photo shoots, produce wedding photography and capture babies first precious few months.  Professional photography is not cheap, but is a popular service as the images it creates are priceless, a special moment captured in time, this is why businesses and families are prepared to pay a premium.  A business in photography can be very rewarding, fun with flexible working hours.

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