Grease And Grime A Thing Of The Past With An Oven Cleaning Business

An Oven Cleaning Business Can Be A High Profit Business Solution

Anyone who has ever had to give their kitchen a deep clean will know that cleaning the oven is one of the most difficult and unpleasant jobs in the home. Dirty, awkward and requiring a number of toxic chemicals, oven cleaning can push even the most house proud homeowners to call in the cavalry.

As a result of the demand for help with this most challenging of kitchen chores, there has been a significant increase in the number of oven cleaning franchises throughout the country. Affordable and readily available, oven cleaning franchises come to the aid of homeowners throughout the UK, helping them to transform their tired, dirty ovens into spotlessly sparkling units.

Oven cleaning franchises in the UK

A clean oven not only looks more attractive, it also works more efficiently and produces fewer unpleasant burning smells. For the untrained homeowner, cleaning an oven is time consuming, unpleasant and often ends with the oven looking only marginally cleaner than when the process began.

Professionals on the other hand, can use their knowledge, expertise and specialist equipment to blitz even the dirtiest of cookers, leaving the unit clean, clear and ready for action.


As most oven cleaning franchises operate from vans, they are ideal for entrepreneurs looking for a flexible, mobile business.

Businesses can be run on a full or part time basis, and a large percentage of the opportunities available give franchisees the freedom to choose their own hours. This flexibility makes an oven cleaning franchise a good choice for working parents, students, retired people and anyone else looking for a challenging and rewarding career that they can fit around existing commitments.

Low start up costs

As oven cleaning franchises don’t require a physical premises or expensive specialist equipment, they offer an affordable opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a business with low start up costs.

Often available for less than £20,000, oven cleaning franchises are perfect for entrepreneurs looking for good returns on a relatively small investment.

Franchisors will offer all relevant training and on going support, giving franchisees everything that they need to grow a successful enterprise.

Growing demand

With increasing numbers of people working long, tiring hours, the last thing that most homeowners want to do at the end of the day is roll up their sleeves and scrape a year or two’s accumulated grease off of their ovens. What’s more, people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of keeping their oven clean so are more willing to pay for a service that does the job properly.

As a result, the demand for oven cleaning services has been on the up and new franchises are popping up all over the country. Whether it’s a homeowner looking to give their kitchen a facelift or a tenant hoping to reclaim their deposit by leaving their home spick and span, oven cleaners are in demand throughout the UK.

Affordable, flexible and with a strong potential for growth, an oven cleaning franchise is a good option for entrepreneurs looking for a versatile business on the verge of success.

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