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McDonald's Multi-Unit Franchisee Grew Up in Company

Stephanie Rawden, a multi-unit McDonald’s franchise owner based in Pennsylvania, grew up in the McDonald’s business. Her father, aunt and uncle all owned separate McDonald’s locations, and now Stephanie owns multiple locations, partnering on the parent company with her brother, who owns his own Mickey D restaurants, according to the Reading Eagle Business Weekly.

My dad (Joseph Rawden, who lives in Florida with his wife, Beth) was a McDonald’s franchisee, and his sister was his director of operations. Then she became a franchisee in Florida. My dad’s brother was a McDonald’s franchisee in Delaware.
…As a child, I worked at the Lancaster Avenue McDonald’s when I was 12. I worked in the lobby from 10 to 1 on Sundays and I made $1 an hour. — Karen L. Chandler, Reading Eagle Business Weekly

Ms. Rawden says a large and essential part of her success is her people skills.

I think that I have good people skills, which is a lot of what this business takes. It really is all about people. It’s the biggest reward about this business and also the biggest challenge. I don’t have a whole lot of fears on the business side. I’m a good problem solver. But I do think it’s my personality and being fairly fearless is what does it. And it’s a talent finding people and making sure that they’re happy so that they stay long-term.

Stephanie and her brother own six restaurants that previous franchisee Andy Cheung was forced by McDonald’s to give up when Asian immigrant workers publicly accused him of exploiting them. The accusers, in the country on temporary J-1 visas, were probably granted a permanent path to citizenship for taking Andy to court and testifying against him.
When such an event happens, whether or not the accused and their attorney are aware of the visas issued to the accusers or understand their significance as a motivator in the accusations may not always be clear.
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