Small Business Ideas For Women

Small Business Ideas For Women

Though the world of business is still dominated by men, women are becoming increasingly entrepreneurial. Though men are still twice as likely as women to set up a business, female entrepreneurs now account for a third of those in self-employment.

What’s more, between 2008 and 2011, women made up a staggering 80% of the new self-employed, showing that female bosses are beginning to take their place in the world of business and go out on their own.

The opportunities available to women are the same as those available to men. However, as female workers often possess a unique set of skills, there are certain sectors that they are more suited to. To get you in the entrepreneurial mood, here are five exciting small business ideas for women and a few tips for how you can make the most of them.


A fantastic choice for anyone who wants to further their love of cooking, launching a catering company could help you to combine your passion for food with an exciting new career.

From weddings and birthday parties to conferences and events, there will always be a demand for good caterers. As long as you provide a high quality service at a good price, there’s no reason why your start up shouldn’t go the distance.


From transforming a few rooms in your home into B&B accommodation to building your own hotel, the world of hospitality is varied and ripe for investment.

Before you launch your new venture, take a look around the market to identify potential USPs. That way, you can offer your customers something a bit different when it comes to overnight accommodation.


As many women are naturally more nurturing than men, they often gravitate towards the caring professions.

If you enjoy working with people and making a real difference to their lives, starting a business in healthcare could be just what you’re looking for.


With competition for good schools as fierce as ever, there is a continuous demand for tutors and after school clubs that focus on education.

As many of these clubs operate only in term time, they are a good choice for female entrepreneurs looking to fit a new career around their family commitments.


As more and more companies try to streamline their operations and bring freelancers in to to fill roles previously taken by full time employees, there is an increased demand for outsourced administration services.

From running a team of virtual assistants to managing companies’ books, there is a range of administrative tasks that your new business could handle remotely and profitably.

With female entrepreneurs becoming ever more common, now is the perfect time for ambitious women to start their own venture and build a successful business of their own.

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