Top Industries of 2015 for Starting a Business UK

Top Industries of 2015 for Starting a Business UK

Starting a business UK? Check out the top industries

If you are ready to take the plunge and start a business on your own, you’re in luck. 2015 year in history that it’s been easiest than ever to start your own business. According to Forbes’ list of the hottest industries of 2015, financial Analyst James Noe has cited the ease with which people will be able to break into a variety of industries the year saying, “Not only are these industries hot, but most of them also require little in the way of start-up money and may have low barriers to entry.”

With the help of sites like, you can create a business on your own and get it going with little more than your laptop, easier than ever, and, here are the top 4 industries where that’s the most possible, and there’s the potential for serious growth over the next 12 months:

1. Marketing:

There is currently an explosion in the world of PR, advertising, and marketing. With Social media connecting customers and businesses in ways never before possible, there is an entire Internet’s worth of possible clients for entrepreneurs who know how to promote and manage brand images. If you have a way with words, your computer could easily become your office, and as points out in their list of best businesses for right now, mobile apps are steadily gaining in popularity and importance. This gives a great in to anyone who knows how to code and has a great idea for what smart phones should be able to do next.

2. Online Retail:

Electronic shopping is expected to grow exponentially over the next year. Sites like Etsy and expanded selections from Amazon are changing the way that people shop for good. The good news for anyone wanting to start a business is that this has also changed the way a store works. Expensive, difficult to maintain retail space is less and less important. Take your great idea or product to the web, and its already gone global.

3. Architecture and Green Engineering:

With more and more emphasis on sustainable, green technology and architecture for today’s urban spaces, architects who are trained in building efficient houses have more flexibility to go into business for themselves than ever before. It might not be a job anyone can do, but for anyone working in a firm, this could be the year to branch out.

4. Security:

With all of this increased traffic on computers, it’s going to become more and more important to keep data safe from hackers. For those gifted with code, the field of digital forensics and digital security is sure to be exploding soon, setting up a perfect opportunity to start your own online detective agency.


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