Top 5 businesses in 2015

Top 5 businesses in 2015

Top 5 businesses to start in 2015

Starting a business is never an easy proposition, but if you’re ready to take on the risk and try to get your own business off the ground, it’s a good idea to look at what the experts are predicting for the year.

With some trends just gearing up and gaining in popularity, it’s never been a better time to put your capital towards one of these five excellent ideas for a business. can also help you to brainstorm and find the most exciting ways to get started in these industries, and make sure that you have a business plan people are excited about including the top 5 businesses in 2015.

Top 5 businesses in 2015

3D Printing: News of the potential for 3d printing has been floating around for years now, but recent advances in the technology, and cheaper equipment, means that this fascinating new form of small scale manufacturing is really starting to take off. Tech geeks that want to help people get highly customized items and push the limits of what technology can achieve should look into investing in these special “printers”.

Bike Accessories: Cycling has long been a preferred leisure activity and sport, but the bicycle has been making huge strides as a transportation mode in recent years. With many people ditching four wheels for two every day, it’s a great time to start developing accessories, selling gear, and offering up repair solutions.

Pet Sitting: This is one sector that requires almost no capital outlay or overheads, and the only real necessity is that you love animals. Pets are getting the royal treatment from owners more and more, and that means there is a lot of money being thrown into pet hotels, grooming centres, specialty pet foods, and walking services.

Protein Products: Protein shakes have long been a favourite of weight lifter and bodybuilding fanatics, but recent diet trends that call for less carbs and high protein diets have protein shakes, bars, and imported foods, like quinoa, popping up everywhere. Anyone considering opening a restaurant or café should find a way to cater to this trend.

Security: In their run down of what’s hot in technology this year, Business Insider calls out big stores like Target and Home Depot that had thousands of customers’ credit card numbers stolen by hackers. As more and more of the world’s business moves online, there will be increasing demand for protection of goods, services, and data from internet threats. The time is right for innovators that can create a new kind of private investigator and security service—a virtual one.

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