Automotive Franchises: The Career Tune Up You May Need

Automotive Franchises: The Career Tune Up You May Need

The automotive industry in the UK has been a massive industry to the UK for a very long time now. But what if i told you as a car lover you could run your very own automotive franchise. So if you are interested in the automotive industry and have been recently considering buying a franchise then I highly suggest you read this article. Because I will break down some facts and statistics around this industry in the UK to help you understand the potential of running a automotive franchise in 2020.


Is the automotive industry profitable?

Now I will be sharing some facts based on the automotive industry in the UK. These stats will not just be about how profitable the automotive industry is. I will also share some facts to show its also a sustainable business model.

Did you know?

  • The automotive turnover in the UK alone in 2018 was worth £82 billion
  • There were just over 2.3 million new cars registered in 2019 in the UK
  • There are over 34 million cars currently on UK roads

These facts do not just show that the automotive industry is profitable. It also shows sustainability for future generations. Since every year it also provides benefits to the UK such as offering job opportunities.

Other reasons why the automotive industry is good in the UK?

Did you know?

  • In the UK alone there are 823,000 people employed in the automotive sector
  • Is worth £44 billion to the UK economy every year

Where to find automotive franchise opportunities in the UK?

First of all, There are many franchise directories in the UK that offer automotive franchises. But I would suggest using a franchise directory called Franchise UK. Since they are the largest franchise directory in the UK and have been going strong in the UK franchise advertising sector since 2004.

Thanks for reading

Hopefully this article has helped you learn a little bit more about the automotive industry in the UK. Also hopefully reading this article has given you more reassurance around buying a automotive franchise in the UK in 2020. Of course if buying a automotive franchise is not something you would like to pursue. I would still suggest you check our articles regularly since we cover many industries in the UK.

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