Italian food franchises : Time to get a pizza the action!

Italian food franchises : Time to get a pizza the action!

As people we have a huge interest in food but some people take it to a new level where cooking is their passion. If you are one of these people then Italian food franchises may be perfect for you. Firstly on this article we will share a few statistics collected in the UK around the Italian food industry. To give you an idea of its growth and customer base.

Statistics around the Italian food industry :

We will now share some key facts around the Italian food industry in the UK in recent years and its expected growth in the industry as a whole.

  • Did you know the pizza delivery market in the UK reached a whopping 2.1£ billion pounds back in 2017.
  • The UK’s total Italian food market in 2019 was worth a staggering 5.2£ billion British pounds.
  • According to YouGov they took a survey in 2019 asking people which was the favourite cuisine out of 34 national cuisines. And Italian was by far the most popular reaching 84% of the votes.
  • According to a statista survey 76% of individuals in the UK who have consumed ethnic food is Italian food.
  • In 2017 Italian cuisine was rated as the nations favourite food.

What do these statistics show for the Italian food industry?

Overall these statistics show that Italian food is very well loved all over the UK. Hopefully these statistics have helped anyone who is considering investing in to an Italian food franchise. Also if you have seen these stats and are still not convinced. Whether a Italian food franchise would be the right option for you. I recommend you have a look through sites called “Franchise directories” since they offer many different franchise opportunities in their food categories. If you are wanting to run a food franchise but are not convinced around Italian food despite the love it gets from the UK.

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