Successful Aussie entrepreneur says Aussie mums and dads should quit the 9-5

Successful Aussie entrepreneur says Aussie mums and dads should quit the 9-5

Aussies are embracing the entrepreneurial lifestyle later in life, as results from the 2018 Startup Muster survey shows the average age of Australian start-ups is 40. With extensive work and life experience under their belt, they’re more likely to succeed. Australian entrepreneur and business owner, Matt Buchel, says Aussie mums and dads should rely on the research and make the change.

By 40, people are expected to be settled into family life, carrying out their responsibilities with their personal and professional life on track, however the reality is often different. Marketing automation company, Hubspot, delved into the reasons why people who are settled and comfortable decide to take a leap into the entrepreneur life.

In the survey, multiple answers were encouraged and led to 67% of respondents saying they wanted more ownership of their success, 66% said they wanted more flexibility, 53% were driven by financial gains, 47% believe they will be more successful.

In Australia, quality of life is important to mums and dads who want to have more ownership over their time and be credited for their success. The statistics show that people of the 40+ age group are likely to make a considered decision and apply their experience into their new venture. Even more importantly, with families to support, they’re more likely to be motivated and determined.

Successful entrepreneur, business owner and author, Matt Buchel said that Aussie mums and dads would be well advised to enter into the importing business in Australia.

“Importing into Australia is a straightforward way to find a niche and succeed. It does take some elbow grease but it’s not a high risk venture, which is perfect for Aussie mums and dads who are looking to create a better future for their kids and have the freedom to spend more time with their families,” Matt said.

“The time is now. The Aussie market is open to imported goods and mums and dads can run their business right from their living room or kitchen bench. It’s a learning curve, but it’s well worth it to make those seemingly unreachable dreams a reality,” he said.

Matt is running ‘Live Life On Your Terms’ Discovery Days in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast throughout June and July where he shares key insights into importing goods into Australia.

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